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Arthur Havlicek arthurhavlicek at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 09:15:08 CEST 2017

Don't take it for granted, by definition Windows platform is not 
favorable to open-source development and most open source communities I 
know develop for it as a secondary objective, not primary.

Since you found some initiatives, maybe it's your role now to carry one 
of them up to your standards. I don't really support the "it doesn't 
fit, just throw" approach, even if you can't give time you probably can 
take time to raise issues, make a detailed report of things etc. and be 
generally more constructive than just take your free stuff and go away.

Le 15/04/2017 à 08:27, Avalon .. a écrit :
> I don't see this in a recent thread but are there any recent versions 
> of collectd available for Windows?
> Yes, I've looked at "SSC-Serv". Downloaded the free trial, ticked 
> "Report CPU as percentage". What did I get? Jiffies. That's a pretty 
> simple thing to be wrong so I'm kind of afraid of what else is broken. 
> Looking at the mailing list archives for ssc-serv, since January 2016, 
> there is one post in March 2016 and no more. To me it looks like 
> "SSC-Serv" is dead. Next.
> Oh github I found "python-diamond" but the prospects of getting that 
> working under Windows don't look very good (if user comments are 
> anything to go by.) Next.
> There's another github project for windows called "collectm" 
> (perfwatcher/collectm). Too much JSON and memory leak that balloons 
> out to 2GB in 2 weeks. Think I'll skip that one. Next.
> What next? I don't know yet ... surely there must be at least one 
> decent collectd agent for the Windows platform?
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