[collectd] Windows agent for collectd

Avalon .. rakosnicek at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 08:27:16 CEST 2017

I don't see this in a recent thread but are there any recent versions of
collectd available for Windows?

Yes, I've looked at "SSC-Serv". Downloaded the free trial, ticked "Report
CPU as percentage". What did I get? Jiffies. That's a pretty simple thing
to be wrong so I'm kind of afraid of what else is broken. Looking at the
mailing list archives for ssc-serv, since January 2016, there is one post
in March 2016 and no more. To me it looks like "SSC-Serv" is dead. Next.

Oh github I found "python-diamond" but the prospects of getting that
working under Windows don't look very good (if user comments are anything
to go by.) Next.

There's another github project for windows called "collectm"
(perfwatcher/collectm). Too much JSON and memory leak that balloons out to
2GB in 2 weeks. Think I'll skip that one. Next.

What next? I don't know yet ... surely there must be at least one decent
collectd agent for the Windows platform?
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