[collectd] Some questions about collectd framework

Rajat Kapoor rajatkapoor1989 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 05:04:38 CET 2015


We're planning to use collectd in a large project and wanted to know
answers to some questions. Could anyone people please throw some light on

1. Does collectd have plugins to monitor the following NoSQL DBs:
Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, PostGreSQL? If yes, are they stable? (I mean not
undergoing development)
2. In which programming languages can I write plugins for additional DBs
that are not supported by collectd?
3. What is the minimum frequency of metric collection in collectd?
4. What's the format of data communication collectd uses to store/interact
with other DBs/systems? (like JSON, XML, etc.)
5. Is there a limit to the maximum number of nodes that collectd can
monitor? If yes, how much?
6. What is the approximate worst-case latency in collectd?
7. Does collectd provide any metric aggregation capability? (i.e. to
perform functions such as sum, average, median, etc. on different metrics)

I really need these answers but couldn't find them on the web. It will be
great if you guys could answer most of them if not all. Thanks!
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