[collectd] Some questions about collectd framework

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> Subject: [collectd] Some questions about collectd framework 
> Hi 
> We're planning to use collectd in a large project and wanted to know  
> answers to some questions. Could anyone people please throw some light  
> on these: 
> 1. Does collectd have plugins to monitor the following NoSQL DBs:  
> Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, PostGreSQL? If yes, are they stable? (I mean  
> not undergoing development) 


> 2. In which programming languages can I write plugins for additional  
> DBs that are not supported by collectd? 

https://collectd.org/features.shtml  (see section Custom extensions)

> 3. What is the minimum frequency of metric collection in collectd? 


> 4. What's the format of data communication collectd uses to  
> store/interact with other DBs/systems? (like JSON, XML, etc.) 

# Network Plugin

See other write plugins in https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Table_of_Plugins

> 5. Is there a limit to the maximum number of nodes that collectd can  
> monitor? If yes, how much? 

> 6. What is the approximate worst-case latency in collectd? 

> 7. Does collectd provide any metric aggregation capability? (i.e. to  
> perform functions such as sum, average, median, etc. on different  
> metrics) 


> I really need these answers but couldn't find them on the web. It will  
> be great if you guys could answer most of them if not all. Thanks! 
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