[collectd] Modify write_http to log on non 200 error code

Jack Lindamood jack at signalfuse.com
Thu Aug 20 19:50:26 CEST 2015


I am an engineer at SignalFx and we have a monitoring platform and we
currently recommend people use CollectD to monitor stats, but run into a
few issues recommending CollectD around supporting customers installing and
configuring the agent.  I would like to propose the following changes.
What are people's thoughts?

(1) Modifying the write_http client to log() if the return code is not 200.
(2) Info log on startup the name of every configured plugin.
(3) Add a debug flag (defaulted to off) that has write_http log the output
of every request it sends
(4) Send a notification at startup that the application has started
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