[collectd] A lower-latency GenericJMX replacement...

Bryan Varner bryan at varnernet.com
Wed Sep 10 23:24:21 CEST 2014

Hi all!

I’ve been using collectd for a few years now, and it’s been a super-helpful tool to have. Thank you to all the developers who’ve made this thing available!

The problem I’ve run into over the last few weeks is the latency involved in collecting JMX metrics with the GenericJMX plugin. The way that plugin operates limits how much data you can reliably grab in a read cycle, and the resolution (and consistency) for metrics gathered.

So over the last couple evenings I put this together, and thought you might like to know.

I’m still working through the normal ‘get the kinks out’ type of things, but so far the improvement in read() cycle latency has been very much worth it.

One thing that has me very bothered is the constant spam regarding
‘Unable to determine interval from context for value list…’ 
that I’m getting in syslog. I assume this is due to a change in the time resolution / what-not in the recent 5.x versions. Is there anything I can do (with the java ValueList) to correct this?

-Bryan Varner
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