[collectd] libstatgrab required for collectd (and -devel to build)

Bruno Mairlot collectd at maehdros.com
Tue Jan 8 14:37:55 CET 2013


I noticed today that with the .spec file currently available, the 
buildrequires needs libstatgrab-devel and the .rpm needs libstatgrab 
packages, although this package is not available from CentOS or RedHat 
base repository. You need to activate EPEL repository to get it.

Although it is not a real hindrance, is it possible to build the package 
without libstatgrab in order to get a clean 5.2.0 package without 
resorting to EPEL or is it some kind of core features ? I didn't see it 
as a plugin, but is required for the main package.


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