[collectd] Collectd writing to Zabbix

Brett Hawn brett.hawn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 15:00:46 CET 2013


   Before I sit down and write something, I'm wondering if anyone has built
a module to have collectd send information to a Zabbix installation. While
Zabbix provides a number of probes and such, in my particular case we are
using Collectd to gather long term data for our metrics system and Zabbix
for short term monitoring, as such there is significant overlap in the
types of data we're looking for and are working on ways to cut down on the
'double dipping' as it were. Additionally there are pieces of data I'm
gathering via various extensions I've written for Collectd that we'd like
to bring into Zabbix for monitoring purposes.

  Assuming nobody has done so, would anyone be interested if I were to
write a module for writing to Zabbix (I'm also nearly ready to submit a
module for writing to TSDB if anyone has interest in that).
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