[collectd] collectd genericJMX - Shutdown issue

Dennis Brandenburg d.brandenburg at db-network.de
Mon Feb 4 11:54:22 CET 2013


I posted this issue a few weeks ago. Anyone who can help on this or has
further ideas to debug this?



2012/12/10 Dennis Brandenburg <d.brandenburg at db-network.de>

> Hi,
> after I built collectd-java plugin against
> openjdk- on Centos everything works fine on
> loading the java plugin and on loading "org.collectd.java.GenericJMX".
> Listval shows me values of heapsizes, classes, etc as expected. But when
> stopping collectd the plugin seems to stop abnormally, because the runfile
> of the Unixplugin for example isn't deleted, which means other plugins
> aren't shutdown properly. That only happens when
> "org.collectd.java.GenericJMX" is being loaded. By running the plugin-test
> (collectd -T), the process just hangs with the following output:
> Exiting normally.
> org.collectd.java.GenericJMX.Shutdown ();
> I also tried to compile against jdk1.6.0_37 sun-jdk: Same issue. All tries
> with collectd 5.1.0 and also with latest collectd version 5.2.0.
> My /etc/collectd.conf looks like this:
> Interval 180
> Timeout 120
> FQDNLookup true
> Include "/etc/collectd.d/*.conf"
> I reduced the java Plugin on a minimum to even not store any values, where
> I still get the issue. As far as I remove 'LoadPlugin
> "org.collectd.java.GenericJMX"', collectd -T runs without any problems and
> the daemon stops all other plugins properly. java.conf:
> LoadPlugin java
> <Plugin "java">
>   JVMArg "-Djava.class.path=/opt/collectd/lib/collectd/bindings/java"
> "-Djava.class.path=/usr/share/collectd/java/collectd-api.jar:/usr/share/collectd/java/generic-jmx.jar"
>   JVMArg "-Xmx64m"
>   LoadPlugin "org.collectd.java.GenericJMX"
> </Plugin>
> Did someone have similar issues with the GenericJMX plugin? Any ideas what
> I could test further or what could be the root cause?
> Thanks and regards,
> Dennis
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