[collectd] Plugin:GenericJMX, thresholds and notifications

Vedran Bartonicek vbartoni at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 11:55:02 CEST 2013

I was thinking to use collectd notifications for JVM metrics, e.g. for
monitoring committed heap.
JVM heap metrics are nicely gathered, and even I can see GenericJMX plugin
threshold matching in logs, but Notification is never made.
Notifications for other plugins(df, etc) work nicely.

Would someone know if this suppose to work?

Here is my java plugin configuration:
<Plugin "java">
    JVMARG "-Djava.class.path=/blahblah/generic-jmx.jar"
  LoadPlugin "org.collectd.java.GenericJMX"
  <Plugin "GenericJMX">
    <MBean "memory">
      ObjectName "java.lang:type=Memory"
        Type "jmx_memory"
        Table true
        Attribute "HeapMemoryUsage"
      Host "xxxxxxxxxx"
      ServiceURL "service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:6666/jmxrmi"
      Collect "memory"

My threshold definition:
<Plugin "GenericJMX">
        <Type jmx_memory>
            Instance committed
            WarningMin 10

Check the last line -it appears only if value is out of range in other
So it *should* work also for this java plugin.

[2013-08-07 12:36:51] rrdtool plugin: rrd_cache_insert: file =
 values_num = 1; age = 0.000;
[2013-08-07 12:36:51] plugin: plugin_write: Writing values via threshold.
[2013-08-07 12:36:51] ut_check_threshold: Found matching threshold(s)
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