[collectd] Plugin:GenericJMX -- Best Practices to monitor 2 JVMs on same host

Alexzander thunder Shevchenko thunder at blackdeath.ru
Wed Aug 7 12:54:43 CEST 2013


I wonder how I can get same values for more than one JVMs?
I have MBeans for heap/nonheap memory values and I want to collect this 
data from 2JVMs. But prefix for rrd's I can setonly in MBeans block, but 
not in Connection block. I can setup two or more Connection block, but I 
will get an error "update failed"-blah-blah-blah since it tries to write 
the same rrd's. I see the only way to set MBean blocks with different 
InstancePrefixes... I dont want to override Hostname property in 
Connection block. Is there is another way to do this?


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