[collectd] tail plugin - counter resets

Vincent McIntyre vincent.mcintyre at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 02:30:21 CET 2012

Hi folks

I am experimenting with counting certain types of events in syslog,
with the Tail plugin, eg:

 <File "/var/log/syslog">
  Instance "syslog"
   Regex "scsi.* attempting task abort"
   DSType "CounterInc"
   Type "counter"
   Instance "SCSI Abort Attempts"

My question is about the counter and when it gets reset; it's unclear
to me from the documentation of the Tail plugin.
Will the counter be reset (to zero?) by a reboot?
Will the logfile being rotated (daily) reset the counter?

I looked at the other parts of the documentation tree and that seems
to suggest the counter is reset if there were no addtitions during an
Interval (ie if the rate was zero for the Interval);
so if I have a SCSI abort once every few minutes I'll just see a few spikes.

I'm using 4.10 and collection3.cgi

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

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