[collectd] Thresholds, Notifications configuration

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Thu Nov 17 08:53:57 CET 2011


i'm using collectd 4.10.1-1+squeeze2 even on my gateway.

sometimes i realize syn-flood attacks on the gateway identified by lot of
packages on the external interface and of course i collect these data by
collectd and transfer them by using the network plugin to a defined

I'd like to be able to react directly on the gateway in the moment the
syn-attack starts, cause these attacks are often really short, less than a

for instance, i'd like to dump packages by using tcpdump

so i have read something about collectd thresholds, notifications,
NotificationsExec and Chains + Targets.

The question is:

which configuration would be the best solution to fix the problem, for

if i define a threshold configuration, i don't want to get a notification,
but rather execute a script to dump the packages

    <Plugin "interfaces">
        <Type "if_packets">
           Instance "eth0"
           DataSource "rx"
           FailureMax 100000

any suggestions ?!

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