[collectd] problem with collection3 and apcups plugin (frequency and percent graphs)

Sergey a_s_y at sama.ru
Fri Nov 11 03:07:40 CET 2011


collection3 is not draw some graphs of plugin apcups: 
frequency-input and percent-load. 

The error:
RRDs::graph failed: No DS called 'frequency' in '<skiped path>/apcups/frequency-input.rrd'
RRDs::graph failed: No DS called 'percent' in '<skiped path>/apcups/percent-load.rrd'

Which should be corrected, apcups plugin or config of collection3 ?

patch for config of collection3:

--- collection.conf.bak 2010-01-14 18:19:39.000000000 +0400
+++ collection.conf     2011-11-11 06:01:10.419333846 +0400
@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@
   Color value 00b000
 <Type frequency>
-  DataSources frequency
+  DataSources value
   DSName frequency Frequency
   RRDTitle "Frequency ({type_instance})"
   RRDVerticalLabel "Hertz"
@@ -519,7 +519,7 @@
   Scale 8
 <Type percent>
-  DataSources percent
+  DataSources value
   DSName percent Percent
   RRDTitle "Percent ({type_instance})"
   RRDVerticalLabel "Percent"


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