[collectd] smnp plugin, 4.10.3 vs 5.0

Sergey a_s_y at sama.ru
Mon Aug 8 13:15:33 CEST 2011

On Sunday, August 07, 2011, Mariusz Gronczewski wrote:

> > example in attachment (top - 4 hours, bottom - 2 days).
> Look at types.db (usually in /usr/share/collectd) in v5 type of most
> counters changed to derive to avoid "spiking" each time counter resets
> (for example when VPN interface goes down then up).
> Maybe you need to recreate/convert RRD files (ones created by v4 will
> still have type COUNTER instead of DERIVE) ?

I know about changing the format and I completely removed old rrds. 
In addition, the data normally collected from other ports on this
switch, for example from ports with 6 Mbyte/sec maximum.


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