[collectd] Tail plugin "missing" events

Gregory Giguashvili Gregory.Giguashvili at PDGM.com
Wed May 5 14:56:56 CEST 2010


I'm not working with syslog. It's proprietary s/w and I'm sure there are 1000 lines because I can count them using egrep and wc.

I'm seeing these low values when displaying the results using "rrdtool graph". I've had some time to read through collectd code and rrdtool documentation and it looks like I need something like GaugeInc type which would sum-up pattern occurrences in the log file and display numbers as is without extrapolating them over period of time. 

I'm not sure the current CounterInc functionality can provide real results of the parsing. I hope I'm missing something and there's a workaround for this problem.


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just a quick guess:

> After that, I’m issuing 1000 requests that should match the regular
> expression, but RRD results only show at most up to 20 hits per sample.
> It looks like the plugin is “missing” entries from the log file when
> they come too quickly. Is there a workaround/solution for this problem
> or I’m doing something wrong?

Are you sure that your 1000 requests really result in 1000 matching
lines in your logfile? I just remember syslog to log the first request
and then a line saying something like "200 identical entries skipped" if
there are too many identical log entries within a short period of time...

So this could be more related to your syslog conf than to collectd.


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