[collectd] Graphical representation output of collectd data

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Fri Nov 21 17:38:54 CET 2008

Hi Dave,

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 07:48:30AM -0500, mclellan_dave at emc.com wrote:
> But for the purposes of proving the usefulness of collectd, I need to
> find an easy, ready to run tool to represent the output.   I've found
> an number references to tools that can be built -- RRDTOOL, Cacti, and
> others.  

currently the best you can get from collectd directly is the
`collection3' script included in the contrib/ directory. The layout
itself doesn't look very good, but it's very functional and most graphs
are pretty.

There's been some discussion about using Cacti just recently, you can
find the conversation in the archives[0].

Then there's YaketyStats[1]. They have a nice frontend and I tried to
use that with RRD files created by collectd, unfortunately it's not that
easy: They require certain DS names and only use the MAX CF (a huge
design-bug in my opinion, although apparently they did that on purpose).

> I would also like to build the RRDTOOL plugin (collectd/src/rrdtool.c)
> without having build from source all the preqrequsites.    Is there an
> rrdtool package with includes and libraries available that I can point
> the collectd build at, without having to build, and install everything
> else (rrdtool needs cario, pango-cario, which needs libpng).    

Yes, there are RRDtool packages for RHEL somewhere, but I don't know
exactly where to get them. Dag Wieer's RPM repository comes to mind,
though ;)

RRDtool 1.3 has some nasty dependencies, there's hardly anything you can
do about that. You might want to consider using RRDtool 1.2, though. It
uses another graphing backend which is much easier to please..

Hope that helps..? Regards,

[0] <http://mailman.verplant.org/pipermail/collectd/2008-October/002246.html>
[1] <http://yaketystats.org/redmine/wiki/yaketystats>
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