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On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 4:48 AM, <mclellan_dave at emc.com> wrote:

> Hi Collectd Users: Alert -- Sorry for the dumb question.  I'm new to
> collectd, and I'm trying to demonstrate its effectiveness as a tool for
> our performance analysis team.
> I have Collectd 4.5 1 running on a Linux RHEL 4-like systemm kernel
> 2.6.22, i686 (It's actually rPath Linux).   Collectd is collecting data
> in a few packaged plugins.  So far so good.
> But for the purposes of proving the usefulness of collectd, I need to
> find an easy, ready to run tool to represent the output.   I've found an
> number references to tools that can be built -- RRDTOOL, Cacti, and
> others.

Hi Dave,

I am not really sure about what you want. If you have collectd running and
are using the rrdtool plugin, you don't really need to build it again. If
all you want is a simple tool to view the data, you might want to look into
kcollectd (http://www.forwiss.uni-passau.de/~berberic/Linux/kcollectd.html)
or some of the other visualization options specified in

Hope this helps.


> I would also like to build the RRDTOOL plugin (collectd/src/rrdtool.c)
> without having build from source all the preqrequsites.    Is there an
> rrdtool package with includes and libraries available that I can point
> the collectd build at, without having to build, and install everything
> else (rrdtool needs cario, pango-cario, which needs libpng).
> Thanks very much.
> Dave McLellan
> EMC Corporation
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