[collectd] Graphical representation output of collectd data

mclellan_dave at emc.com mclellan_dave at emc.com
Fri Nov 21 13:48:30 CET 2008

Hi Collectd Users: Alert -- Sorry for the dumb question.  I'm new to
collectd, and I'm trying to demonstrate its effectiveness as a tool for
our performance analysis team. 

I have Collectd 4.5 1 running on a Linux RHEL 4-like systemm kernel
2.6.22, i686 (It's actually rPath Linux).   Collectd is collecting data
in a few packaged plugins.  So far so good. 

But for the purposes of proving the usefulness of collectd, I need to
find an easy, ready to run tool to represent the output.   I've found an
number references to tools that can be built -- RRDTOOL, Cacti, and

I would also like to build the RRDTOOL plugin (collectd/src/rrdtool.c)
without having build from source all the preqrequsites.    Is there an
rrdtool package with includes and libraries available that I can point
the collectd build at, without having to build, and install everything
else (rrdtool needs cario, pango-cario, which needs libpng).    

Thanks very much. 

Dave McLellan
EMC Corporation

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