[collectd] cpu patch

Oleg King king2 at kaluga.ru
Mon May 5 18:48:30 CEST 2008


  I have downloaded current 4.4 version of collectd with all patches
  applied and found the following:

  1. cpu plugin reports that "Only one processor supported when using
  `sysctlbyname'", but in FreeBSD it is not true. FreeBSD's kernel
  collects info about all processors and this was proved by testing
  on SMP system (sysctlbyname collects twice CPU ticks then on
  single-processor PC. So, we have to add '#ifndef __FreeBSD__' before
  this error reports and '#endif' after it.

  2. collection.cgi does not know what is 'swap' and 'wait' and
  assigns random color to thiese values, which is not so good :)

 Oleg                          mailto:king2 at kaluga.ru

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