[collectd] processes plugin patch

Oleg King king2 at kaluga.ru
Mon May 5 16:44:41 CEST 2008


There is a patch for processes plugin:

1. Added support for libkvm, so processes plugin will be run under

2. Added ProcessMatch "NAME" "REGEXP" directive, that adds process
into list of processes that we watch on, but with identification by
Regexp. Rexexp matched against command line, if command line is
empty, than against task name.

3. Changed way we finding processes. Now we match not only first
process, but all processes that match selected criteria. This allows
to make some type of "grouping":

Process "httpd"
Process "dhclient"
ProcessMatch "only-my-perl-program" "perl(.*)my-program\.pl"
ProcessMatch "perl-programs" "^/usr/bin/perl"
ProcessMatch "all-tasks" "(.*)"

Patch is attached to this message.

To octo: it is neede to make some thiungs I have not done:

1. make changes in manpages
2. make changes in config file
3. write rules that users should use when giving names with ProcessMatch

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