[collectd] Version 4.4.0 available.

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Tue May 6 21:22:43 CEST 2008

Hi everybody,

I have, at last, packed and uploaded the next feature release, 4.4.0.
The changes are numerous, most notably six(!) new plugins. Because I am
lazy (programmers tend to be, that's why they write programs to do their
work ;), here's the entry from the ChangeLog:

-- 8< --
2008-05-06, Version 4.4.0
 * collectd: Internal code cleanups.
 * collectd: Added support for a `Flush' command in the unixsock and
   exec plugins. This command can be used to force a plugin (or all) to
   flush its values to disk.
 * collectd: Thresholds can now be configured to apply to one data
   source only, making it possible to configure different thresholds
   for each data source.
 * apache, nginx plugins: Added the possibility to disable host and/or
   peer verification.
 * ascent plugin: The new ascent plugin reads and parses the statistics
   page of an Ascent server.
 * cpu plugin: Support for the statgrab library has been added.
 * disk plugin: The possibility to ignore certain disks or collect only
   specific disks has been added.
 * disk plugin: Support for the statgrab library has been added.
 * ipmi plugin: The new ipmi plugin uses the OpenIPMI library to read
   sensor values via IPMI, the intelligent platform management
 * iptables plugin: The iptc library that is used by the iptables
   plugin has been added to the distribution, because it is not
   provided by all distributions and removed from at least one.
 * powerdns plugin: The new powerdns plugin reads statistics from an
   authoritative or a recursing PowerDNS name server.
 * rrdtool plugin: The size of the files generated with the default
   configuration has been decreased.
 * tail plugin: The new tail plugin can be used to gather statistics by
   continuously reading from log files.
 * teamspeak2 plugin: The new teamspeak2 plugin connects to a
   TeamSpeak2 server and collects statistics about the number of users
   and number of channels.
 * users plugin: Support for the statgrab library has been added.
 * vmem plugin: The new vmem plugin collects very detailed statistics
   about the virtual memory subsystem of Linux.
-- >8 --

Thanks to everybody helping with this release :)

Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
GnuPG: 0x91523C3D
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