[collectd] collectd client on Fonera

Sebastian Bachmann mail at reox-design.net
Tue Dec 23 17:08:39 CET 2008

Im using a LaFonera AP with dd-wrt v24 beta as my access point at home.
I want to collect data from the Fonera to my collectd Server. So i
installed the ipkg package from

i configured the collectd like this:
> Mode Client
> Server <mysrvip> 25826
> DataDir   /var/lib/collectd
> PIDFile   /var/run/collectd.pid
> PluginDir /jffs/usr/lib/collectd
> LoadPlugin cpu
> LoadPlugin disk
> LoadPlugin df
> LoadPlugin load
> LoadPlugin memory
> LoadPlugin processes
> LoadPlugin traffic
> LoadPlugin wireless
> <Plugin traffic>
>         Interface lo
>         Interface imq0
>         Interface wifi
>         IgnoreSelected true
> </Plugin>

I listend with tcpdump on the server and i got some packages from the
client. But it doesnt appear in my collection.cgi...

the server is using 4.4.4, the client is 3.11.5-2, is that the problem?

thanks for help!

best regards

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