[collectd] openvz monitoring via collectd perl plugin

Fabian Linzberger e at lefant.net
Mon Dec 22 09:19:51 CET 2008


(Cc: to two guys from the local debian user group that i have worked
on openvz stuff with and who may be interested, i think)

i have created a small perl plugin for monitoring "bean counters" for
the linux virtualization technology openvz (see

i use this via

TypesDB "/usr/lib/collectd/types.db" "/etc/collectd/my_types.db"

or with current debian experimental packages:

TypesDB "/usr/share/collectd/types.db" "/etc/collectd/my_types.db"

LoadPlugin perl

<Plugin perl>
        IncludeDir "/home/lefant/perl/"
        BaseName "Collectd::Plugin"
#       EnableDebugger ""
        LoadPlugin "openvz"

in my /etc/collectd/collectd.conf


vz_beancount            held:GAUGE:0:U, maxheld:GAUGE:0:U, barrier:GAUGE:0:U, limit:GAUGE:0:U, failcnt:COUNTER:0:U

in my 


also i have the attached file openvz.pm in the
/home/lefant/Collectd/Plugin/ folder.

this works fine so far collecting data - visualization using the
included collection.cgi does not work (because it does not no about the
vz_beancount data type, i suppose) - but ddraw for example works fine.

what is the preferred form of perl modules for inclusion in the
project? i suppose i should put this into my git clone somewhere?

I also promise to clean it up a little bit more than my nagios related
last patch before asking for inclusion (after all i spent the last
months doing perl programming, so i am solid there now, can't exactly
say that about C *gg*



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