[collectd] Version 4 is in the works

Florian Forster octo<span style="display: none;">.trailing-username</span>(a)<span style="display: none;">leading-domain.</span>verplant.org
Wed Jan 17 09:15:24 CET 2007

Hi Michael,

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 12:27:11AM +0100, Michael Poetters wrote:
> - embed the "device name" into network packets [...]

That's done. Also the time is included to allow for caching in both the
network- and the rrdtool-plugin.

> - some sort of security, maybe a PSK and a MD5 about the network packet,
>   to avoid someone submitting false data (just an idea on the 23C3,
>   no proof of concept or netcat tests done yet)

I've been thinking about that, too, but didn't come to a satisfying
result yet. Using a PSK would be easy to implement and install and
should therefore be onboard in some way or another. I'd much prefer to
have some means of signing the data which still allows for multicast
distribution. Any input here would be very welcome :)

Another network feature I've thought about was compression, but I don't
have any code for that yet either.


P. S.: Sorry for the delay; I've added that address to the list of
       accepted, nonsubscribed posters. (I figure you're subscribed with
       another address..)
Florian octo Forster
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