[collectd] Collectd rpm spec file for collectd 4.0.6 on Fedora 7

Kjell Randa kranda at broadpark.no
Tue Aug 7 14:10:48 CEST 2007

Florian Forster wrote:
> Hi Kjell,
> while having a quick glance at your specfile, a few things came to mind:
> The following plugins have external dependencies and should be in one
> package each:
> - iptables => libiptc
> - nut      => libupsclient (network ups tools)
> - perl     => libperl
> - ping     => liboping (can be distributed with collectd if you don't
> 	      want to build an extra package of the library)
> - rrdtool  => librrd
> The email plugin does not have any external dependencies (you may need
> SpamAssassin to use it, but the email plugin itself doesn't depend on
> SA) and can be included in the main package.
> The following plugins don't have any functionality under Linux and
> should be disabled completely:
> - apple_sensors
> - tape
> The %{_libdir}/%{name}/*.la files are created by libtool and I don't
> know how to stop it. They are never used and can be deleted before
> building the package..
> Could you have a look at this? If you don't have time I can give it a
> try, but I'd need someone to test it for me..
> Regards,
> -octo

I will have a look into this in a few days.

I have also found an issue with the mysql plugin on Fedora 7.
The libmysqlclient is found in either /usr/lib64/mysql (x86_64) or 
/usr/lib/mysql (i386) on Fedora and the build probably looks for it in 
/usr/lib64 or /usr/lib.
Running configure --with-libmysql=/usr/lib64/mysql, the configure script 
adds /lib to this path (/usr/lib64/mysql/lib) and the libmysqlclient is 
not found. It also adds an non exsisting include path 
Hacking the configure script to remove the extra /lib and the include 
path enables me to build an working mysql plugin.

Kjell Randa

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