[collectd] Version 3.6.0

Jan Huijsmans bofh at koffie.nu
Fri Jan 20 11:33:56 CET 2006

Hi Octo,

On 20-Jan-2006 Florian Forster wrote:
> sorry that the release-cycle has slowed down so much, I meant to get a
> lot more done around christmas.. Anyway, I want to release a lot more
> often if possible.. And I'll start right now.. ;)

I noticed, just received the 3.6.0 version. I noticed that it refuces to start
due to a missing mysql library. In my setup that's not a big supprise, as I use
postgresql and not mysql. (so it's not installed)

Is there a way to let collectd check is it's installed and when not found, skip
the mysql routines? (or was I just a bit fast and was the install fo an
incomplete set filesets?)

I just did a roll-back to the 3.5.1 version due to this.

> I've just uploaded version 3.6.0 which provides some new features:
> - The config file (there's been some discussion last year, if you
>   remember ;)
> - The `df' plugin (used/free space on disk)
> - The `mysql' plugin (commands, handlers and traffic)
> The changes needed for the configfile were numerous, so there are many
> places where I could have screwn up. That's why I consider this release
> more or less unstable and hope for your bug-finding skills ;) Also, I
> only provide tarballs and unstable Debian packages.

Found one. ;-)

> Also, I've seen that a typo still causes incorrect behavior with the
> TERM-signal in 3.5.1. Also, I've fixed a bug in the ping module. I'll
> apply these changes to the 3.5.1 and release 3.5.2 tomorrow or whenever
> time permits.

Oh, can I submit a feature request for the ping module? Is it possible to have
it ipv4 and ipv6 capable?


Jan Huijsmans              bofh at koffie.nu

... I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing

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