[collectd] Version 3.7.2

Werner Heuser Werner.Heuser at web.de
Fri Feb 24 13:06:04 CET 2006

Hello Florian,

> Werner, if your `charge' values are way to large (about the factor 12),
> the values you get are actually `mWh', not `mAh'. If this is the case we
> should the `mWh' values by the current voltage (or a fixed ratio of the
> ideal voltage?) to get `mAh'. Yes, batteries are weird. But loading them
> creates some really pretty graphs :)
> Also I've fixed build issues when building without librrd and when using
> gcc under Solaris.

I confirm that 3.7.2 provides battery stats. Also the Debian
source package compiles fine. But I am struggling to make
nice graphs with rrdtool. I am very busy (as usual) so I need
some more time to get this issue solved.

	Thank you for the update


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