[collectd] sme howto questions

Hans-Cees Speel hanscees at hanscees.com
Thu Oct 27 23:07:15 CEST 2005

I have made a collectd howto at:

It is discussed here:

To improve my howto I have some questions:

1. I would like to use the latest version of collectd. Would it be 
possible to make a new source-rpm, or even better an rpm for sme-
compatible centos4/rhe4?

2. The collection.cgi works fine to make one-day graphics. But can 
you give it arguments to produce week/month graphs and so on?
The collection.cgi script would really benefit by a man page or 
something. Or does that exist somewhere?

3. I find it very hard to hack collection.cgi myself (I speak a bit 
perl but not object oriented I am afraid). It would be very nice if 
one could include other stuff as well easily. Perhaps just week/month 
graphs. But for instance sme has dnscache as caching dns server. One 
could make an RRD database with number of queries and so on. But I 
have no clue howto include that (this might be just me). Or howto 
exclude some stats you do not care about.

Thanks for making collectd, since there was not really something else 
to monitor cpu and so on (without snmp).



Hans-cees Speel @ http://www.hanscees.com
Trees @ http://www.bomengids.nl

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