[yaala] Files for ftp log (xferlog)

Jean-Francois Lalande yaala@verplant.org
Sat, 22 May 2004 23:58:17 +0200


first yaala is really great and works really fine. I just post here ideas, 
from my needs.

It is strange that we could aggregate "requests" for http logs, but not "file" 
for ftp log. In my mind, it could be interesting such a selection:

select: "file BY date"

Then, just a little remark about the output: the name of files on my ftp 
server are quite long from the root. Then, the long filename appears in the 
yaala output. It could be great to configure the output to just write the 
filename (without directories).

Thanks for your great job !

J-F Lalande.

If you just want to see how it looks for my logs:
Lalande Jean-François

Projet Mascotte
INRIA CNRS UNSA Sophia Antipolis

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