[collectd] Version 5.6.2 available.

Florian Forster octo at collectd.org
Wed Nov 30 10:09:45 CET 2016

Hello everybody,

we're proud to announce the availability of collectd 5.6.2. As a bugfix
release, this new version only closes existing problems and does not
introduce new features.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.5.2.tar.bz2
    SHA-256: cc0b4118a91e5369409ced22d1d8a85c1a400098419414160c1839268ecad0c6


Thanks to everybody who contributed to this version. In particular:

  * Chao Yang
  * Florian Forster
  * Kevin Bowling
  * Marc Fournier
  * Markus Linnala
  * Pavel Rochnyack
  * Ruben Kerkhof
  * Thomas Deutschmann
  * Victor Demonchy


2016-11-30, Version 5.6.2
  * collectd: A compile error on AIX has been fixed: "MSG_DONTWAIT" is not
    available on AIX. Thanks to Chao Yang.
  * collectd: The capability checking has been rewritten to be more
    portable. Thanks to Florian Forster. #2009
  * collectd.conf(5): Various typos have been fixed. Thanks to Marc
  * collectd-tg: Incorrect usage of "nanosleep()" has been fixed which
    caused the tool to sleep (almost) indefinitely. Thanks to Florian
  * Build system: Detection of the Java environment has been made
    deterministic to allow for reproducible builds. Thanks to Marc
    Fournier. #1523
  * Build system: Detection of the Lua headers has been improved. Thanks
    to Ruben Kerkhof.
  * APC UPS plugin: Unavailable metrics are now skipped instead of
    reported as 0 (zero). Thanks to Florian Forster. #2025
  * Modbus plugin: Build issues on FreeBSD have been fixed. Thanks to
    Florian Forster.
  * OpenVPN plugin: Gracefully handle empty configurations. Thanks to
    Pavel Rochnyack. #1932
  * PowerDNS plugin: The "recursor command" has been fixed so PowerDNS can
    correctly parse all requested fields. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof.
  * Write Graphite and AMQP plugins: A bug that could lead to a missing
    null-termination has been fixed. Thanks to Markus Linnala.
  * Write HTTP plugin: A logic error when checking the correctness of the
    data set has been fixed. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #1996
  * Write Kafka plugin: The "Key Random" config option has been fixed.
    Thanks to Florian Forster. #1977
  * Write Kafka plugin: Support for librdkafka 0.9.0 has been added.
    Thanks to Florian Forster.
  * Write Riemann plugin: Build issues on Solaris have been fixed. Thanks
    to Florian Forster.
  * ZFS ARC plugin: A duplicate metric has been removed. Thanks to Ruben
    Kerkhof. #1963

Best regards,
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