[collectd] Announcement: SystemDataScope

rinigus rinigus.git at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 12:07:25 CET 2016

Dear All:

I would like to announce a GUI for collectd developed for
visualization of recorded datasets. I did make an announcement on IRC,
but at that time this list was not active and this was not done via
the list.

SystemDataScope reads the system performance data gathered by
collectd. Graphs are generated using RRDtool and shown through
provided GUI. If collectd is started by a GUI user through systemd,
there is a support for starting/stopping the daemon.

SystemDataScope is build to support multiple different log
configurations. The configuration is setup through JSON file that can
be specified by user and downloaded from URL (local or remote).
Configuration can be also generated by provided python script.

The current implementation is developed on Linux Desktops and Sailfish
OS mobile devices. More platforms should be supported immediately or
possible to add relatively simply, as long as QML/Qt is supported.

The interface is revolving around stacked pages. User, after
configuration, is presented with the top page and its possible to get
into the details of the collected stats by pressing into the
corresponding graph. The number of levels and connections between them
are described by user-provided configuration.

At present, the GUI is mainly used on Sailfish as a part of the device
monitoring solution including collectd and rrdtool. As such, the
generated JSON configuration is mainly tailored for the stats that are
of interest on mobile devices: CPU, RAM, battery, processes, and few
others. However, it should be rather simple to extend JSON configs to
include the stats that you are interested in either by altering
writing JSON directly.

For Linux PC users, I presume, the main interest would be to use it to
follow your PC when you wish to see longer-term stats. Linux interface
does probably require some TLC - patches are welcome.

Best wishes,


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