[collectd] collectd loading configuration on the fly without restarting a service

Tahhan, Maryam maryam.tahhan at intel.com
Thu Nov 3 17:25:03 CET 2016

> Hi, Maryam.
> > Hi Folks
> > We are looking for some feedback on a feature we would like to
> > implement for collectd. Currently if anyone wants to change the
> > collectd configuration in terms of plugins that are enabled/disabled,
> > the methodology to do this is static (as in if you change the configuration
> you must restart the daemon).
> > This is identified as an issue in an SDN/NFV deployment, where by you
> > would like to enable plugins to monitor the services you are deploying on
> your system.
> How are you going to set the configuration of these plugins?
> Do you plan to support configuration changes on the fly or just plugin
> enable/disable?
> rpv-tomsk at github
> --
> Regrads,
>  Pavel                          mailto:pavel2000 at ngs.ru

We were thinking about plugin enable/disable. For completeness in the longer term config changes should be supported, but one possibility is that it could fall under the remit of a disable/enable call with some context saving... 


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