[collectd] collectd interval delay

yaoguo_tao yaoguo_tao at aliyun.com
Wed May 11 10:24:18 CEST 2016

Hi,    When I use collectd and influxdb to monitor cluster, I have some problems:    I set  interval is 5 seconds, then I use tcpdump capture the package, every package interval is 15 seconds in LAN.    But, Influxdb data is right. So I think collectd may be have problem.
   collectd config:    Interval     5
tcpdump results:root at ceph-client:~# tcpdump -i eth0 src host and port 25826
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 bytes
08:05:25.058089 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1311
08:05:40.057907 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1306
08:05:50.057899 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1323
08:06:05.057967 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1311
08:06:20.057870 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1306
08:06:30.057856 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1323
08:06:45.057703 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1334
08:07:00.057904 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1292
08:07:10.057798 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1287
08:07:25.057707 IP ceph-mon.46040 > ceph-client.25826: UDP, length 1311
Influxdb data:> select * from interface_rx where host='ceph-mon' and type='if_octets' and instance='eth0' order by desc limit 10
name: interface_rx
time    host  instance type  value
2016-05-11T08:17:10.074142Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944368086e+10
2016-05-11T08:17:05.07414Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944363723e+10
2016-05-11T08:17:00.074123Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944359394e+10
2016-05-11T08:16:55.074134Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944353716e+10
2016-05-11T08:16:50.074211Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944347479e+10
2016-05-11T08:16:45.074135Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944342386e+10
2016-05-11T08:16:40.074129Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944333108e+10
2016-05-11T08:16:35.074231Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.0944327752e+10
2016-05-11T08:16:30.074122Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.094432247e+10
2016-05-11T08:16:25.074131Z ceph-mon eth0  if_octets 1.094431931e+10

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