[collectd] Plugin interface only out traffic, have no in traffic

yaoguo_tao yaoguo_tao at aliyun.com
Mon May 9 09:16:32 CEST 2016

    I Use collectd collect data from cluster nodes, and put datas to influxdb, but interface only have transfer traffic, have no receive traffic.    platform env:
    collectd version: 5.4.0
    influxdb version: 0.11.0
    operation system: ubuntu 14.04    collectd config about interface:
    Interface "lo"
    IgnoreSelected true
    StoreRates True    </Plugin>    influxdb measurements:    interface_
    influxdb data list:    time host instance type value    1462776084017875000 ceph-mon eth0 if_errors 0
    1462776084017864000 ceph-mon eth0 if_packets 4.6361265e+07
    1462776084017836000 ceph-mon eth0 if_octets 2.4333625815e+10
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