[collectd] Grouping the output of collectd in graphite

Giovanni Torres giovanni.torres at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 15:16:56 CET 2016

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 10:13 PM Jerry Lombardo <jl4472 at columbia.edu> wrote:

> Hey, Thanks for the reply.
> I'm trying to get the 500 directories (one for each host under the
> graphite root ) into one directory.  Replace doesn't look to be doing
> that.  I posted a screen shot of what I am looking at now,  it's cropped
> but if i could get all of these sorted under a sub dir it would beat
> digging through the whole list to find what I want
> https://gyazo.com/1182b05ead2a12dc9ee33273af316b33

It depends on how you want your values structured in this single directory.

. Are you using only the SNMP plugin?
. Are you using other collectd plugins?

Collectd will send to carbon->whisper->graphite-web.  You will want to
replace the values before sending off to carbon.

Replace does work, but again, it depends on what name structure you have
now and what you want it to be.  The screenshot only shows the top level
directory, i.e. the hostnames.  It would be helpful to see the
subdirectories under a hostname.

The target_replace examples are scarce.  I have a simple setup using the
CPU and Interface plugin, with the CSV plugin for output to a local

└── localhost
         ├── cpu
         └── interface-eth0

I put the following test configuration in place, which replaces my
'localhost' hostname with a different host name, 'all_hosts':

LoadPlugin match_regex
LoadPlugin target_replace

<Chain "PreCache">
  <Rule "change_hostname">
    <Match "regex">
     Host "^localhost.*"
    <Target "replace">
      Host "\\<localhost" "all_hosts"
   Target "write"

# This should be default, but putting in for backwards compatibility
 <Chain "PostCache">
 Target "write"

 ├── all_hosts
 │       ├── cpu
 │       └── interface-eth0
 └── localhost
          ├── cpu
          └── interface-eth0

The idea here is to replace the values before they make it into the global

Hope that helps.

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