[collectd] Lumberjack writer

Benning, Markus ich at markusbenning.de
Thu Dec 1 10:47:51 CET 2016


i wrote a implementation of the Lumberjack protocol. (Net::Lumberjack)
I also want to create a writer for collectd using the lumberjack client:


The lumberjack protocol is used by logstash and beats of elastic.

The lumberjack protocol is based on sending json documents, but collectd
seems to be more line orientated.

Currently i'm sending a json event for every value:

     '@timestamp' => $time->datetime,
     'type' => 'collectd',
     'collectd_plugin' => $plugin_str,
     'collectd_type' => $type_str,
     'beat' => {
       'hostname' => hostname(),
     value => 1234,

But it would fit better into the beats scheme and perform better if all 
of a plugin could be batched together into one event.

Is there a way to achive this in collectd?

I tried to queue values and flush them everytime the plugin changes, but
that depends on the order of the metrics which may be mixed.

Any suggestions?



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