[collectd] how to build a debian package of a daily snapshot?

Svante Karlsson svante.karlsson at csi.se
Mon May 18 10:20:38 CEST 2015

Great news,

I'll give it a try on a small cluster tonight - we are running reporting to
kafka and graphite in parallel until I get logging kafka -> influxdb

I have not checked the repo yet but does this mean that you also build (and
distribute) missing packets like librdkafka for ubuntu 12? or do the builds
exclude the features that needs non existing packets?

The reason I would really like support for ubuntu 12 is a hortonworks
hadoop cluster - they support ubuntu 12 (not 14)


2015-05-18 9:45 GMT+02:00 Marc Fournier <marc.fournier at camptocamp.com>:

> Excerpts from Svante Karlsson's message of 2015-05-11 23:55:46 +0200:
> > I finally managed to build both ubuntu 12 & 14 packages based on
> pkg-debian
> > - if I skipped the patches and relaxed the dependency check on my home
> > built packages.
> >
> > I also had to add packages libvirt-bin dpatch to be able to build.
> >
> > Finally I had to build protobuf and protobuf-c for both platforms (and
> > librdkafka for ubuntu 12)
> Great :-)
> > If/when you start building the packages do you plan to provide them for
> > download somewhere? That would be awesome!
> I'm still messing around with this, but yes, packages are already built
> (hopefully) each time new patches are commited. See the README of
> https://github.com/collectd/collectd-ci for the "where".
> Once the last details are sorted out, I'll send a more formal email to
> the mainling-list with all the details.
> In the meantime, fell free to give these packages a try. Feedback is of
> course welcome :)
> Marc
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