[collectd] smart plugin state?

svante karlsson saka at csi.se
Wed Feb 4 10:19:20 CET 2015

I downloaded and built master yesterday, created a deb package, installed
and configured it to run on a new (not the development) host. I can't get
the smart monitoring to work

I cheated a bit and installed the dev packages on my deployment host
 - libatasmart-dev
 - libsensors4-dev
  - libpq-dev
 - librdkafka-dev
 - libltdl7
 - libtool
 - libudev-dev

I enabled

LoadPlugin smart

and tried various variants of enabling and disabling the configuration

<Plugin smart>
  Disk "/^[hs]d[a-f][0-9]?$/"
  IgnoreSelected false

Is the smart monitoring known to be working? If so, any hints

Finally, if libudev-dev is missing configure wrongly says smart is enabled
but it needs it to build. No errors but no .o file...


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