[collectd] observe idle state of home server with collectd?

Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Tue Feb 10 20:48:55 CET 2015

first asked here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28399754

I've setup my home server to wake-on-lan and my router sends the wake-on-lan 
package when I try to access the server from anywhere.

Now the server should also suspend again after like 5 minutes after

  -  last disk activity
  -  last network activity
  -  and last considerable CPU load

I thought I could write a collectd configuration with lower bound thresholds 
for cpu load, disk io and network traffic. If this config detects an idle state 
for 5 consecutive minutes than it notifies "pm-suspend".

Do you think this might be possible? Do you have some hints for the config? 
I've not used collectd before.

Thank you!

Thomas Koch

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