[collectd] Postgresql plugin - database autodiscovery

Jiri Horky jiri.horky at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 18:08:39 CET 2014

Hi list,

we are about to use collectd to fetch various statistics from
PostgreSQL. We have a lot of metrics that we want to collect from each
database (except for "postgresql" or so). We manage some 50 instances of
PostgresSQL with different databases and in this case, it will be quite
hard to keep list of databases in sync with collectd configuration.

So we came up with idea of patching the postgresql plugin with a new
configuration object "AllDatabases" where one would define queries that
should be run against all the databases except for the defined ones
(configuration parameter). In this way, we would not need to touch
collectd configuration when there is a new database spawned. 

Is there a better way how to achieve this? Would functionality like this be
interesting enough to be merged to upstream?

Please CC me, I am already on too many lists now.

Jiri Horky

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