[collectd] Which plug-ins support collection interval on a per-plugin basis feature introduced from 5.2

Marc Fournier marc.fournier at camptocamp.com
Sat May 10 23:20:58 CEST 2014


Excerpts from andrewbooty .'s message of 2014-05-09 23:22:22 +0200:
> I've been testing the 5.4.1 release of collectd and assumed that most core
> plug-ins now supported the Interval feature to override the global setting.
> For ethstat, interface and table this hasn't been implemented yet. So
> wondering if there is a list of which plug-ins do currently support their
> own interval settings. I could check the source code to see if Interval is
> included in the callback function. But if Interval support was included in
> say the wiki  plugin table that would be helpful.

*All* the plugins support custom intervals since 5.2.0. This is how you
have to load a plugin with a non-default interval:

  <LoadPlugin df>
    Interval 3600

What is a bit confusing, is that some plugins implement this or some
similar behaviour themselves for various reasons.
is an example of such a plugin.

So writing something like this *could* work for some plugins, but is not
the correct way of using this feature:

  LoadPlugin df
  <Plugin df>
    Interval 3600

Could there be some misunderstanding on your side ? Or do you have
reasons to believe there's something wrong with the ethstat, interface
and table plugins and not the others ?


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