[collectd] collectd question

bill bilsch at gmail.com
Tue May 6 14:53:39 CEST 2014

or turn on the csv plugin ;)

Bill Schwanitz

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> On May 6, 2014, at 3:10 AM, Yves Mettier <ymettier at free.fr> wrote:
> OK, I understand.
> When I have this problem, I use tcpdump.
> It will not tell you if the primary collectd server collects the data (I know no other way than collectdctl or "nc -U" on the unix socket, which is the same), but at least you will see if your client is sending data and if your server is receiving it.
> When tcpdump says that your server is receiving the data, you really have to go inside the collectd process to check and the 2 ways I know are 1/ collectdctl and "nc -U" and 2/ hacking tools like strace or systemd. Of course I only use "nc -U".
> Good luck !
> Regards,
> Yves
> Le 2014-05-06 08:45, Stuart Cracraft a écrit :
>> Hi Yves!
>> We are speaking here of on the primary collectd server, not the clients
>> where the data is being collected, hence the lsof could only be run remotely.
>> We're looking for something entirely local on the primary collectd server, not
>> farming out the question to the clients.
>> The only method I know of on the server (besides ssh/rsh/telnet/etc) is
>> to run collectdctl for the particular item and if it doesn't show, then assume
>> the data is not available.
>> Stuart
>>> On May 5, 2014, at 11:42 PM, Yves Mettier <ymettier at free.fr> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Use lsof (lsof -p <pid>) to know what plugins are loaded.
>>> This is NOT a way to find out if a plugin exists and is collecting.
>>> But it IS a way to know that a plugin is NOT loaded and NOT collecting if you do not find it in the list.
>>> Regards,
>>> Yves
>>> Le 2014-05-06 01:23, Stuart Cracraft a écrit :
>>>> On a collectd server, other than running collectdctl to find out if plugin ABC
>>>> exists and is collecting for a given collectd client of the collectd server,
>>>> is there any other approach from the server to determine if the plugin
>>>> is collecting?
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