[collectd] Help request: send collected data to a server

Pasquale Dir phate867 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 15:45:41 CET 2014

Hello, I am a student and for my thesis work I would need to monitor
several machines cpu and memory usage.

I found collectd very user friendly and efficient, anyway I don't know
where to start to achieve what I am about to explain you.

I have a web server, written in java, which will have to display each
machine's status (% usage cpu and free memory) in order to determine which
machines are stressed.

I would not need to store this data on the disk (by the way isn't there a
way to set the maximum data size? My csv log file keep increasing in
size...), but I would periodically send these values to the server. The
server is a custom one, not a collectd server, and DOES NOT have to store
anything, just refresh these values and display them to the clients.

The pseudocode for a single monitore machine woudl be:
var current_cpu_usage;
var current_mem_free;

function update_from_collected_process_in_that_machine(){
   update current_cpu_usage with new value
   do the same for memusage

function client_request(){
     display the two var contents, easy.

Any ideas?
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