[collectd] Workaround for crosscompiling java plugin..

Vedran Bartonicek vbartoni at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 20:15:38 CET 2014

I see someone is sharing the same pain I have ;-)

I'm having a bit different situation, and was thinking to solve either by
meddling with setting rpath at build time, or with LD_LIBRARY_PATH at run
In my case, I have a build machine with jdk (openjdk) installed, but the
target machines may have just jre installed, so I can't use symbolic links
for specifying "--with-java" path when building collectd (which would be
then written into rpath) -  I have to use a hardcoded path that includes
java major and minor versions.
And when java upgrades on target machines, kaboooooom
I yet have to invest time to think on how to solve this in proper way.

Well this post is not very useful got Daniel, except for getting more
attention - perhaps someone has solved similar problem before.

On 6 March 2014 16:17, Daniel Hilst Selli <danielhilst at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 03/06/2014 09:34 AM, Daniel Hilst Selli wrote:
>> Hi, I came across a problem while crosscompiling java plugin, I'm using
>> arm architeture..
>> Here is the thing, since I'm targeting an arm, I need an arm libjvm.so,
>> found on EJRE, to compile java.so plugin. OK, no problem so far..
>> The problem comes here, since Java plugins like GenericJMX has to be
>> compiled too I need a JDK.. There is no JDK for embedded, not one that I
>> know, so I need an target JRE (libjvm.so) and a host JDK (jar, javac, ...)
>> AFAIK current building process has no way to setup target JRE and host
>> JDK, so what I did -- is ugly -- I replace x86 libjvm.so on
>> JDK_HOME/jre/lib/amd64/server/ for the one that comes on EJRE.
>> Is an error prone procedure and is ugly, I'm not really an autotools
>> hacker, but it should detect cross compiling, can we take advantage of
>> this to setup target JRE?
>> Cheers
> Also would be nice if I can set rpath for java.so plugin since JAVA_HOME
> will change on target :-)
> I'll take a look on "how to do it" soon, just poping up the ideas,
> Cheers,
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