[collectd] Load Threshold Help

Gary Moon gary.moon at oasis.com
Mon Jan 13 01:52:42 CET 2014

Hi all,

I'm having some trouble getting a load threshold to fire and I'm hoping 
someone can offer some advice please.

Currently, my config looks something like this:

    <Plugin "threshold">
       <Type "load">
         Instance "shortterm"
         FailureMax 0.00
         FailureMin 0.00
         WarningMin 0.00
         WarningMax 0.00
         Hits 1

       <Type "cpu">
         Instance "user"
         WarningMax 85
         Hits 1

    <Plugin exec>
       NotificationExec "user:user" "/etc/collectd/plugins/plugin.sh"

The notifier just uses `logger` to send stdin to syslog, and I'm just 
grepping syslog for "logger" in testing. I get the CPU notification as 
expected, but I cannot get the load one to fire. Load is shown in `top` 
and graphite as being roughly around 1.0 (maxing out both CPUs) and I've 
varied the Failure* clauses accordingly with no success. I've also tried 
several configs verbatim from the internet and example configs without 

I've tried the following variations based on internet research and 
random guessing:

  * Replaced <Plugin "threshold"></Plugin> with <Threshold></Threshold>
    (syntax error)
  * Wrapped <Type "load"></Type> in <Plugin "load"></Plugin>
  * Replaced <Type "load"></Type> with <Plugin "load"></Plugin>
  * Changed/removed all Warning* and Failure* clauses, and the "Hits" clause
  * Used "DataSource" instead of "Instance"
  * Tried "longterm" and "midterm" for DataSource/Instance

If anyone could provide any suggestions on where I'm going wrong, or 
could provide the correct syntax for v5.1.0 on Ubuntu 12.04, I'd really 
appreciate the help.

Thanks very much,


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