[collectd] Collectd stores all measures with the same time (in the past)

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Thu Feb 13 15:55:30 CET 2014

we run collectd 5.4.0 on ARMv7 platform with linux 3.5.0 ( sizeof(uint64_t)=8 ). We use only load and memory plugins and write to MongoDB using write_mongodb plugin. The problem is all the records have same value in time field ("1970-01-25T20:31:23.647Z") so they are useless.
Where can be a problem?

Plugins we have compiled - maybe an important one is missing:
 cpu.so df.so disk.so load.so logfile.so match_empty_counter.so match_hashed.so match_regex.so match_timediff.so match_value.so memory.so netlink.so syslog.so unixsock.so write_mongodb.so
(logfile.so does not work (no file created, no output to console either) so we don't see any debugging output)

Thanks for any help

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