[collectd] Wanted: inefficient write_graphite plugin

Toni Moreno toni.moreno at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 09:54:38 CET 2014

I'm agree this is an issue to improve in the write_graphite plugin, I have
the same problem and the best way to solve is by adding an
 "AutoReconnectTimeout" option to close and reconnect after an amount of
time ( like 1 hour or 1 day) handled from inside plugin to avoid lost of

I suggest you open an issue as "Feature Request" to the github because of
this can be a very useful feature.


In some weeks myself ( if no other have done first)  I will try to write a
patch to solve this problem.

2014-12-01 23:25 GMT+01:00 Mark Juric <gajillion at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> From the write_graphite plugin documentation: "The plugin aims to be very
> efficient. It keeps the TCP connection to *Carbon* open in order to
> minimize the connection handshake overhead." This efficiency is causing me
> a lot of headaches. We're running 2,000 servers through a Netscaler
> load-balancer which distributes the traffic to multiple daemons running on
> multiple nodes in the Graphite cluster. The problem is, if a node dies, the
> load-balancer will (as expected) distribute the traffic to the remaining
> nodes in the cluster. However, because the connections are persistent, it
> doesn't rebalance them once the dead node comes back on-line. This leaves
> the rest of the nodes in an over-worked state, and the revived node almost
> completely unused.
> Any thoughts on how or where in the code to best fix this?
> Mark
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