[collectd] collectd & write_graphite & mikrotik

Lindsay Holmwood lindsay at holmwood.id.au
Fri Aug 29 13:04:37 CEST 2014

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, Rolf Bartels <rolfbartels at outlook.com> wrote:
> When collectd pulls the index name I think because the name returns like
> <pppoe-username> when it post the details to graphite the instance because
> of the <> it's posting as a blank.
> How can I get collectd to remove the <> in the instance name before it
> posts to graphite, alternatively maybe someone could recode the
> write_graphite plugin to accept an option like
> ReplaceChar ( "tihs, "with tihs")

Check out the replace target:


It does pretty much exactly what you want.


w: http://fractio.nl/
t: @auxesis
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