[collectd] RFC: Changes to data sources and naming schema

Poil poil at quake.fr
Mon Sep 23 21:45:39 CEST 2013

It's a good idea to change this naming schema.

I like the first alternative "a path", really simple, and easy to draw, 
group ...
I don't understand how you can have a JSON object with RRD/Filesystem, 
will you go on a only nosql storage ?

If you use a path, types.db can be limited to derive/counter, the labels 
can be in the path himself or in the filename, like this we will not 
have to deploy it on all nodes when we need a new "type"

Today I have to hack it for GenericJMX, Curl, some python code ...
I'm using this 
(https://github.com/Poil/CGraphz/wiki/CGraphz%20Naming%20Schema) :

  * host
  * plugin
  * plugin category (custom optional)
  * plugin instance (optional)
  * type
  * type category (custom optional)
  * type instance (optional)

PluginCategory is used to separate 
TypeCategory is used to separate some customplugins 


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